This one is for all the people who need a doctor and can't get one.. And its also for the doctors, healthcare workers, scientists, historians, restaurant workers, everybody on the front line of this pandemic(and those who support them) ... I'm right there with you. This whole world needs a fucking doctor to cure the ills we all have... Start here if you're at your wits end. I got you.


Hook: I need a doctor, call me a doctor (x4)

Verse 1:
Wait, wait, wait.
Let me get my thoughts straight - It's 2020 and 19 is bein mad late
In my lab coat I'm crazy baby, I don't move at fast pace
I graft a Mercedes to my tapestry of gasface/
A bad taste make you move your mouf up like nasty bass
Drop hit you like a whop of cash and I don't like to waste
Time is only treasure if you polish it to shine
Rappin' aint a hobby its a part of my design/
The part where I don't give a fuck is when I start to get high
Cuz I can see the bullshit, so step back, let's fly
My perspective:
This method of elated communication is technically selective as a deadly occupation
Know the Ledge - Stay away from all competitors creations
Based on some geopolitical altercations
Summed up in history (but they) plug in, erase it
Yet I don't seem to make much sense, so what I'm sayin' is:


Verse 2:
Now, I noticed scratches on your eyebrow
Your concentration levels are too high, you need to wind down
I found life to be kinda like a time trial,
If my style don't help you, there's a window - you could climb out/
A blind mile, run the race and rush - you should feel fine now
Recline - that's an understatement, trust - you better lie down
Play dead or lay spread out, we're on a new phase
Only the smartest that survive sit at the top of any food chain
Dress like an OG Mobster with a shotty in a bouquet
Bet I could flow beats proper - nuff to style any toupee
I got that cold heat - vodka - one shot, Russian roulette
Witty unpredictable talent its like I'm WUTANG
I need a doctor
I think I'm trippin
Yo can you hear me
Why won't you listen??