From the recording XenTape (Unreleased)

r/MakingHipHop Cypher 20 entry
theme: nature of the threat


check the shadowstep, i crept through and traveled through the depths
move radical - i shatter fools who battle on the net
magical - my aptitude is tacticool for wreck
because i have to do it - habit provin nothin but the best/

mad attitude and jest - correct, the fact you will connect - direct
and platitudes a balanced tool to crack you in the neck
the nature of the threat brings danger from the dead things
(so whats up in the heads?) study angles from the hedging

hyperpsychoanalyst i might just go dismantle this
my rhymin flow is time to go; id like to grow some cannabis
with intense spit never quit i wont abandon ship
fought or fly it autopilot if i dont handle it

a cauterizin sorta fire; borderline coronavirus
organized, fortified - wise; from a foreign island
when i apply it, tension snaps
those survivin, glimpse a facet of the lightnin
blaccrayden rap titan