From the recording XenTape (Unreleased)

Collab Submission for r/MakingHipHop, beat credits to @Fiori-ds


Have A Good Morning (x4)

Check it, I'm nice wit it - livin' on a planet
I'm hype in your device! Get the vision, undastand it
Brightness is my wit, enlightening your eyelids
Advantage: the demandin' part is why we even manage to get/
by this; Time, by nine I'm on my shine
Prime of my rhyme, recline and be sublime
Or mellowed out - "Hello, how ya doin'?"
That's a better crowd
Tap into your fellow pioneer and build a better route/
CARPE DIEM, I press START and begin
til the end, stay gassed like a fart in the wind
Wake up and smell the coffee someone prolly shitted in
My angle is a lofty one and I'm playin' to win/
The moment is persistent cuz of constant revolution
Go home or go the distance - envision contribution
One day forever miss it though not timid or reclusive
A Good mo(u)rning for my wishes; That's the end and my conclusion!//

Have A Good Morning (x4)