1. Oscillation

From XenTape 2020: Visions from the Future


Lyric Sheet:
Intro (A. Watts):
. . . it's just like black and white,
you don't know black until you know white,
you don't know white unless you know black. It's simply fundamental. . .
So then - Here's the drama . . .
My metaphysics, let me be perfectly frank with you, are:
that there is . . . the central self;
You could call it God, you could call it whomever you like . . .
And it's all of us. . .
It's playing all the parts, all beings whatsoever....


Reminiscence -it's lit when I get in it
Patch in thru a rack or two, attach it to a 10-inch
Vinyl style roundabout, time lasts a while
While I synchronize the fragments, organize the files
Compound elixir, mixtures under trial
Verify, shared eye commence compile
Wary of the Jedi, carry on with style
Daring me to jump is like asking me to smile
You might just get looked at,
You might trust a hood rat
Truly outta sight because I write tight good facts
And most of em don't see it, hoping I repeat it
I talk about equality and somehow I'm elitist/
We present, he gon' spit and drop a comma,
Speak in sentences, keep a grip and yet I wanda
Vocalise my presentation, projecting honor
FEEL the visuals, you can't say that you don't wanna...//


I get it though, I did the same but I was miserable!
I see it through ya frame, brain stay cynical
Typical exotic, potentially psychotic,
but I'm honest; environmental product of the process
Got logic? This object you hold is not iconic;
I'm hooked on phonics;
Like to play with hydroponics;
Hypnotic - sound waves in rays that are sonic -
Enveloping your soundscape with mixtape chronic!
Forget about your ego - need no politics
Shoo away the Migos, prefer Common Sense
Idolatry or concepts, what are your accomplishments?
I'm verbally prophetic, to your astonishment
Cured to imperfection - only one mold
Sure to leave you breathless, just let it all go...
. . . We're only one soul . .

Outro:[A. Watts]
You're doing it!
Of course you can't explain how you do it in words because words are too clumsy
. . and they take too long to say..
You'd get bored with it.
But, actually, then you could say . . with, gusto . .
I am responsible . . for this life. .
Whether comedy or tragedy, I did it.